Norse Viking 'turning point' Cape Hvarf Cape Wrath Lighthouse, North West Highlands Our differentiated value strategy profits from turning points in investor's analytical narratives and emotional journeys

Cape Wrath Capital

We see opportunities where other investors have over-reacted to events and valuations no longer reflect fundamentals. The founder invests his net worth in the strategy, which has a hard close to protect performance.

VT Cape Wrath Focus Fund

UK-domiciled OEIC, investing in quoted UK securities, using the proprietary BAIT framework

Low Cost Active Management

0.45% TER cap
All research costs paid for by Cape Wrath Capital

Conviction Drives Alpha

Concentrated 20 stock portfolio
Differentiated value strategy

Client and Manager Interests Aligned

Hard close at £200m to protect performance
Founder’s net worth invested in the fund

Further information

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Thoughts on value investing

The Team

Adam Rackley, CFA

Investment Director

After working as an analyst at the Alliance Trust, Adam joined Montanaro Asset Management, where he managed a smallcap income fund. Leaving the City in 2010, he taught the CFA qualification at BPP, and later managed equity research teams for CRISIL in Mumbai. In 2015 Adam returned to London and set-up Cape Wrath Capital. He has degrees in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and Finance & Financial Law. Adam has served as a platoon commander with the 1st Battalion Black Watch and is the Principal at ‘Alpha Coach’, a leadership programme for portfolio managers. In his free time, Adam enjoys making marmalade and spending time outdoors with his children. He once took six months off to write a book (‘Salt, Sweat, Tears’, Penguin), and has swum the Channel, rowed the Atlantic, cycled Lands End to John o’ Groats and run across England, Scotland and Wales.

Anders Jegers, CFA

Head of Research
Anders studied Engineering at Linköping University in Sweden, and spent a number of years at Electrolux before moving into equity research in 1997. He worked for ABG Sundal Collier in London as an Industrials analyst, becoming a partner of the firm in 2001.  Anders moved to the buy-side in 2008, joining Montanaro Asset Management, where he became the Head of Research in 2011, with responsibility for a team of nine investment analysts.  He joined Cape Wrath Capital in 2016. Anders enjoys mountain biking and spending time with family and friends.

Martin Henderson

Director of Investment Management and Research
Martin is responsible for the quantitative research and fund management teams at Valu-Trac Investment Management, and is the manager of a UK-based Global Equity Income Fund (UCITS). He joined Valu-Trac in 1991 after graduating from Edinburgh University with a BSc Hons in Computer Science. Martin was responsible for  developing Valu-Trac’s analytical tools and proprietary Intrinsic Value database, which monitors over 22,000 stocks, 1000 sectors, 64 equity markets, 20 bond markets and 29 commodities on a daily basis. From 2001 to 2008, Martin delivered Valu-Trac’s investment research via Ed Hyman’s ISI Group in New York.

Valu-Trac Investment Management

Cape Wrath Capital is an Appointed Representative of Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited, which is the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) and Investment Manager of the VT Cape Wrath Focus Fund. Cape Wrath Capital is the Sponsor to the VT Cape Wrath Focus Fund and has been appointed by the ACD to act as the Investment Advisor to the Investment Manager. The ACD administers over £7bn of assets comprising of a number of funds.